The annual LSE scandal

You can almost set your watch by it...

2014/15 - "London School of Economics disbands men’s rugby club over misogynist leaflet"
2013/14 - "LSE Apologises To Atheist Students Over Mohammed Jesus T-Shirt Row"
2012/13 - "LSE anger at BBC Panorama over North Korea trip"
2011/12 - "Nazi-themed drinking game 'sparked brawl on LSE union skiing trip'"
2010/11 - "LSE director Sir Howard Davies resigns over Libya links" (bonus: LSE academic's claim 'black women less attractive' triggers race row)

And how can we forget...
2005/6 - "LSE apologises for student rampage"

Which is your favourite?

Image: Ham / CC-BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons