Dan Sheldon - that's me

This site is a place for my thoughts on health, digital and stuff.

I'm the Digital Strategy Lead for the Department of Health, where I help the NHS move onto the web. I'm currently working on NHS.UK, standards and platforms stuff.

I worked at GDS for the Government Chief Technology Officer for 18 months. I did technology reform, which means helping government get better for less, deliver digital by default and say goodbye to big IT.

Before that I was at Methods, where I helped start Methods Digital. There I worked on one of the most forward thinking cloud strategies for local government alongside Amazon Web Services, Salesforce and Box.

In a previous life I was Campaigns Director at the Union of Jewish Students and VP Communications at LSE Students' Union where I caused some trouble. I also got myself a degree in Government.

In 2010 I started the No to 55% campaign against the proposed changes to the rules governing the dissolution of Parliament. This - with the help of many fellow campaigners and advocates - was ultimately successful.

The trouble making started when I was a young 'un playing around with open source stuff. I was the UK mouthpiece for Gnutella, an early peer-to-peer network and ended up in a Michael Lewis book. I then founded Boom Selection in 2001, one of the first MP3 blogs and pioneer of the now passé mashup. I've continued to tinker with technology and design ever since.